At CDN Legend Cars we stock every part you would need for your legend car providing delivery with in 2 days or faster within Canada


Canadian legend cars provides your reliable source for all your tire needs …tire sizing and matched sets available


Front and rear clip replacement de-stressing, damage repair and updating. We stock clips from Andrews Motorsports and USLC. Additional information available upon request.


At CDN Legend cars we pride ourselves on up-to-date professional setups from novice to national level competitions. We have the ability and the technology you need to win.


CDN Legend Cars is an official USLCI-approved engine repair rebuilding and resealing facility offering service on all Yamaha fj1200 fj1250 and fz09 engines.


We provide everything... car, crew & equipment - putting our rental car customers in a top notch, up-to-date competitive car. Please call for more details and pricing.