Legend Car Divisions

1) YOUNG LIONS: Drivers 12 – 15 years. This is considered our most novice Legend Car division.

2) SEMI-PRO: Drivers 16 years old and older: Designed for drivers who are starting out in Legend racing only. No prior experience is necessary but beginners may be required to compete in consolation, B Mains, and/ or start in the rear of the field. The decision to put a driver to the rear will be at the discretion of the race director.

3) MASTERS: The Masters division will feature drivers 40 years old.

“Golden Masters” drivers are those over 50 and will be included as Masters.

4) PRO (Expert Class): Designed for experienced drivers. Driver must have competed in some other form of professional motorsports or have competed in the “Semi-Pro,” “Masters,” or “Young Lions” division in the Legend Cars Series in order to race in this division. This is the pinnacle class of Legend Cars racing and will be treated as such.

What is a Legend Car?

It was in April of 1992 that the first Legend Car was unveiled at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The concept of creating a fun and affordable “spec” class of racing for anyone to participate in was born. Legend Cars are 5/8-scale fiberglass full-fendered versions of the famed NASCAR modifieds driven by legendary drivers such as Fireball Roberts, Buck Baker, Curtis Turner, Speedy Thompson, and Banjo Matthews.

Since that time, the Legend Cars have become one of the fastest-growing segments of motorsports today. With drivers being classified into four different divisions, Legend Cars are THE racing opportunity that is available to anyone! The Pro Division is for experienced drivers. The Masters’ Division features drivers 40 years and older. The Semi-Pro Division is the novice class, featuring the drivers that are new to the sport or have been inactive in other forms of racing for a while. Then there is the Young Lions Division which is designated for the drivers between the ages of 12 and 16. Since the car stays the same from division to division, it is the driver that makes the difference!

ENGINEYamaha fx09 (sealed)
WEIGHT1,250 lbs. with driver
TIRESHoosier Racing Tires
WHEELSWidth: 7″ / Diameter: 13″
SUSPENSIONCoil-Over with Bilstein Shocks
FRAMEFull Tubeframe with Integral Rollcage